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About Us


One of the best acting schools in Los Angeles expanded north in 2009 under the leadership of longtime industry and BHP veteran, Robert Zimmerman. Since then, BHP/SF has grown into one of the strongest programs in the Bay Area and created one of the most diverse student bodies anywhere in the world. Located one block off Union Square, scene study classes are now offered Monday through Thursday evenings. 


BHP/SF has set a very high standard for students in pursuit of a career in acting. The results of this approach speak for themselves; BHP/SF has helped dozens acquire agents and our students book jobs…a lot of jobs, both in San Francisco and LA.


In 2014, BHP/SF  launched an aggressive slate of theatrical presentations and by the end of 2015 had put up six full stage productions. In 2016 we will begin a full season, including a very exciting world premiere.


In 2015, BHP/SF was expanded to four classes a week and was greatly enhanced by the addition of Peter Allas as a teacher. Peter’s depth of experience and accomplishment is a huge asset as we continue to expand the SF program and start offering classes in San Jose.



Founder: Milton Katselas


Milton Katselas began his directing career with the original off-Broadway production of Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story.  He was nominated for a Tony Award for his direction of Butterflies Are Free and from there he went on to direct over sixty plays and eight feature films and ranks amongst the most renowned teachers of actors.  In 1978, he founded the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school.


Under his direction, Blythe Danner won the Tony Award, Eileen Heckart the Academy Award and Bette Davis her only Emmy Award.  Milton taught and directed such stars as Al Pacino, Gene Hackman, Goldie Hawn, George Clooney, George C. Scott, Alec Baldwin, Kate Hudson, Doris Roberts, Jorge Garcia, Jenna Elfman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jeffrey Tambor, James Cromwell, and Giovanni Ribisi, to name just a few.


As an author, he scripted the theatrical plays Visions and Lovers: Variations on a Theme and Four.  He penned two books: Acting Class, his renowned book on acting technique, and Dreams Into Action, a New York times bestseller on getting the career you want.


All teachers for the BHP are home-grown students who spent significant years under Milton’s direct tutelage and apprenticeship, and amongst Milton’s lasting achievements are the number of teachers, certainly at the BHP but also elsewhere, that he trained and influenced.

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