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The Petrified Forest

Robert E. Sherwood's The Petrified Forest is a classic film noir story that first saw life on the stage. It became best known after being adapted into a 1936 film starring Humphrey Bogart, Leslie Howard and Bette Davis. But the original stage version still crackles today.


Set in the Great Depression, it's the story of a young dreamer and a disillusioned intellectual who meet at a roadside diner and gas station on an Arizona highway. Their lives are changed when escaped criminal Duke Mantee and his gang arrive and take the cafe customers hostage.

AC/SF - Actor’s Center of San Francisco

ACT - American Conservatory Theatre

AT - Alhecama Theatre  

BHP/SF - Beverly Hills Playhouse of San Francisco 

BT - Belrose Theatre 

CMT - Children’s Musical Theatre

ET - Ensemble Theatre 

MAW - The Marin Actor’s Workshop 

MDP - Mad Dog Productions

MTS - Meisner Technique Studio

NCT - New Conservatory Theatre 

PT- Process Theatre

SFFCT - San Francisco Free Civic Theatre

SJRT - San Jose Repertory Theatre

SVCT - South Valley Civic Theatre 

TWP - Toronto Workshop Productions

Director - Robert Zimmerman

Stage Manager, Digital Marketing - Megumi Smisson

Producer, Light/Sound Designer - Jeffrey Sun

Assistant Director - Dan Bernstein

Scenic Designer - Josh Thies

Costume Designer - Alison Kawa

Prop Master - Tanya Petrovskaia

Weapons Master - Adele Maynes 

Art Designer - Edwin Jacob

Cast & Crew

Pamela Bennett (Mrs. Chisholm) is a Los Angeles born lover of all things entertainment. She  has been studying at BHP/SF for over a year. She has been in several small films and has filled several jobs including sound, slating and directing. She has also written several shorts that have been produced by other fellow actors. Some of who are in this very play! More than anything she is looking forward to being directed by Robert Zimmerman to do her part as an actor in a large ensemble cast to help present an exciting and entertaining production!




Dan Bernstein (Alan Squire Understudy, Lineman 1, Deputy) is a San Francisco native, has been acting since the age of 8 and is currently represented by Marla Dell Talent.  He studied with the NCT as a child and went on to perform in several shows with the musical theater company 42nd Street Moon.  This is his 3rd show with BHP/SF and he is thrilled to be working again under the direction of Rob Zimmerman.






William Bryant, Jr. (Pyles) is an actor, model, and Bay Area native. Coming from an athletic background, having played collegiate football, he decided to make the transition of acting and modeling upon graduating from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. William has performed in TV shows, films and stage plays such as Mulatto by Langston Hughes and most recently "Picasso At The Lapin Agile" by Steve Martin.  He is represented by MDT Agency Inc. and is currently attending class at BHP/SF.





Gil Birman (Legion Commander) After working hard for nine years, first as a restaurateur and then a nightclub owner, Gil sold his business and started writing and producing shorts with fellow artists in New Orleans. He transitioned to the performing arts in 2015 when he moved to San Francisco, where he met Rob Zimmerman who inspired him to face his greatest fears at BHP/SF. He is thrilled at the opportunity to be part of "The Petrified Forest".






Amanda Rae Chiappari (Gabby Maple) is delighted to be back on stage for her third BHP/SF production. Recent credits include "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" and various commercial, feature and short film roles. She studied Broadcast Journalism at San Francisco University and is now pursing her true passion, acting, here is San Francisco. Amanda is currently represented by Stars the Agency and she studies at BHP/SF. She would like to thank Rob for the amazing opportunity and her parents/friends for their love and support. 





Toby Clark (Jason Maple) is an actor represented by Tonry Talent. He has studied at the BHP/SF 2 years and performed in the school's production of "Talk Radio" last year. In film, he has enjoyed playing characters running the gamut -- from a U.S. soldier in Iraq in Forgive Me Father to a manipulative documentarian in Bon Bon, The Demon Cat. He wishes to thank Rob and everyone at BHP/SF for helping him build the foundation to achieve his dreams. To learn more, check out







Nick Coelius (Boze Hertzlinger Understudy) is excited to be making his second stage appearance with the BHP/SF.  After playing the unquestionably pivotal role of Charles Dabernow Schmendiman, inventor extraordinaire in "Picasso at the Lapine Agile", Nick felt a need to get in touch with his more sensitive, misunderstood side: thus was Boze Hertzlinger born.  Many thanks go out to Rob Zimmerman for this opportunity, and to the wonderful cast and family at BHP/SF; there are no words that describe how important they all are to Nick’s life.




Troy Forte (Duke Mantee Understudy, Pyles Understudy) is excited about his third BHP/SF production. A Northern California native, Troy went to CSU Sacramento for Computer Science. He then later found his passion as an actor. A long time student to BHP/SF, Troy is always willing to help his fellow artists and grateful for such a strong support group. Credits include 20+ short films, local commercials and theatrical productions such as "Engagement" and "Picasso At the Lapin Agile". Represented by Stars the Agency, Troy strives to pursue his goals and looking to share the big and silver screen with many of his A-list idols.






Frank Gallo (Mr. Chisholm) "The Petrified Forest" marks Frank’s return to the stage after a brief thirty-year hiatus.  A former New York resident, he studied at Paul Mann's Actors Workshop and HB Studios, and co-founded The Back Row Theater Company where he appeared in "Fishing" and the world premiere of "Lydia Ryan". Frank is currently a student at BHP/SF, and is proud to be represented by MDT agency.







Kayla Gonzalez (Gabby Maple Understudy) has been living in San Francisco for 6 years. She has a BA in film directing and has been studying at BHP/SF for 3 years. Represented by Tonry Talent, Kayla has written and directed several short films and is now pursuing her true passion in acting. She’s pleased to be making her debut on stage and very excited to be working with director Rob Zimmerman and the rest of "The Petrified Forest" cast.







Alexander Go-Oco (Herb) was born in the Philippines but grew in the East Bay. He took his first steps into acting world at ACT, then at MTS with Jim Garrett, and now studies at BHP/SF. Alexander deeply appreciates Robert Zimmerman for giving him the role as a cowboy in "The Petrified Forest". It’s every man’s dream.






Spencer Greene (Boze Hertzlinger) is a local Bay Area actor from San Jose, California. This is his first performance at BHP/SF and is excited as ever to be performing with this amazing cast. He has been acting since he was seven years old and being involved with theatre companies around the Bay Area such as CMT, SVCT and SJRT. He is also a film actor and has been in several shows and movies, including Discovery Channel’s I Almost Got Away with It, Steve Jobs and other amazing short films around the Bay Area. He is currently attending San Jose State University double majoring in Theatre Arts and Film. 




Randel Hart (Gramp Maple Understudy) has appeared off, off off and way off Broadway in thrilling but unknown works such as "Chicken Little Was Right" as Dad; a bi-polar nuclear scientist who had nervous breakdown and occasionally thinks he is a duck hunter. He spent various seasons in regional repertory, playing such roles as Fredrick in "Noises Off", Macheath in "Three Penny Opera", Jonah in "Cats Cradle", El Gallo in "The Fantastics", Tom in The "Tavern". Locally, he's portrayed Yanning in "Judgment at Nuremberg", Tramp in "The Insect Comedy" with SFFCT, Jonah in "Legion", Baldy in "A Man of no Importance", with NCT, Bernstein in "Coco", Stryker in "Do Re Me" for 42nd Street Moon.



David Lundell (Jackie) began acting in college. Since then he studied with the Steppenwolf Theater with the privilege of having being taught by Gary Sinise. Since then he's done over a dozen shorts, a few features and a couple commercials. He took a break from acting for close to 4 years. Finally, realizing he can't escape its curse & blessing he joined BHP/SF a few months ago. He recently co-starred with Tony award winner Levi Kreis and veteran actor Perry King in the feature film The Divide, soon to be released in 2016. He wants to express that what BHP/SF has offered him has made him feel "ALIVE" again and more blessed than cursed with the "acting bug". Blessed by his teachers and fellow students that feed him unimaginable fire and love in his everyday craft & life.




Santiago Morales (Duke Mantee) was born and raised in the Haight-Ashbury, got gentrified out, and managed to sneak back to the edge of it. He discovered acting after his third nervous breakdown, about 20 years ago. He's gonna blast you with his Tommy gun if you crinkle food wrappers during the show. When he's not on stage he's at the casino giving his money away at the poker table, or at home drinking in bed and watching TV. He is very thankful to be sharing this show with you. 






Cas Moss (Alan Squire, Lineman 1 Understudy, Deputy Understudy) is an artist, musician and filmmaker who moved to San Francisco six years ago from the east coast. He attended Emerson College in Boston and the AAU here in San Francisco where he studied film and cinematography. In November of last year, Cas joined the BHP/SF. This is his debut as an actor, and he is honored to be working with such a fine cast and gifted director. He thanks Robert Zimmerman for this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow as an artist.






William G. Peden (Gramp Maple) is excited to be making his BHP/SF debut adding to challenging adventures in his fifth decade as a creative artist. Past performances include commercials, independent films and many stage productions in the U.S. and Canada.  Most recent were several seasons as King Henry in "The Lion in Winter" at the BT in Marin and a principal role in the film Jake’s Dead, a feature production of "Twisted Arrow".  In addition to training at BHP, Will has studied at Kenyon College, TWP and MAW.  He is also a certified Master of Yoga in the Acharya discipline.






Adele Maynes (Ruby) Adele’s inner outlaw is very excited to be playing the character of Ruby in this production. She would like to thank Rob Zimmerman for this opportunity and for his willingness to gender-flip the role. Adele studies at BHP/SF and is represented by Tonry Talent. She made her San Francisco theatrical debut at BHP/SF in 2015 as the understudy for the role of Steph in "Reasons To Be Pretty" under the direction of Peter Allas.





Raul Nava (Joseph, Lineman 2) is a student at BHP/SF and performed in last year’s production of "Picasso at the Lapin Agile". He’s thrilled to be sharing the stage again with this talented cast and working under the direction of Robert Zimmerman. He discovered his passion for theater, only a year ago, and loves the energy that it brings. He thanks his family and friends for their support.







Tanya Petrovskaia (Paula) was born and raised in Russia and came to the United States three years ago. The Petrified Forest makes her debut to American stage. After year and a half of learning the English language, she was finally able to follow her dream of becoming an actress. Tanya studies at BHP/SF.









Matthew Ward (Sheriff) is originally from Quebec, and has been acting in the Bay Area for the last four years. Matthew has performed in several award-winning short films and network television productions. He has received training in method acting techniques at AC/SF with internationally acclaimed actress Shelley Mitchell, and is currently training at the esteemed BHP/SF, with Rob Zimmerman and Peter Allas. When not acting, Matthew spends his time doting on his seven-year-old daughter, working in marketing, hitting the ice for some hockey, boxing, and playing golf… poorly.

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